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Josh Kline is available for commercial photography and video production for corporations, agencies, non profits and organizations large and small. Whatever your imaging needs, Josh and his team can provide you with powerful, innovative solutions at a strong value. JKP can provide full scale video production and use techniques such as time lapse, motion control, stabilizer video, drone and aerial photography. JKP also provides a host of scalable web casting/ live streaming services. A new service JKP provides are cinema graphs or animated photos, images that at first glance are stills but are really video loops with animated moving elements.


I try to provide easy to understand budgeting to all my clients. All of my clients own their images with a unrestricted copyright. Many photographers will grant a limited license for images- I have decided to charge a flat fee and include a complete copyright to the images or video/ multimedia content provided. The total budget of a project is the sum of four charges: base fee + creative fee + production fee+ post production and design.

Full video production can start at $1000 and sometimes less. Fully produced live stream to Facebook or Youtube starts at only $1200. JKP can work with almost any budget and complexity of project, we are flexible, innovative and scalable. 


Base Fee:

The base fee includes my time taking the photographs or recording video. It includes my equipment and all my basic production needs.



Creative Fee:

The creative fee will vary dependent on the project. For smaller projects such as a corporate headshot there will not be a creative fee assessed. The creative fee is intended to cover the concepting and pre production for a shoot. Generally the creative fee will not exceed the base fee.


Production Fee:

Production fees apply to larger shoots that require special gear and additional personel. The production fees will cover grip and lighting rentals, trucking, permiting and travel costs. Production fees also cover additional labor beyond Josh.


Post Production and Design:

Photos taken are delivered as .jpeg, .dng or .tiff. All images are shot in a raw format and post processed for proper color, sharpness, exposure and tone. Image editing beyond this will result in a post production fee based on $75 per hour. Josh also works with a talented Graphic designer and Web Developer: Cherissa Kline Design. Graphic/ Web design can be quoted seperately.