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Video Production

  • Fire of Anatolia: Dance Performance for PBS (Highlight)

    Producer Jerry Lonn knew he had a special act when he saw "Fire of Anatolia" on the Southern Turkish coast and wanted to bring it to American audiences. Director/ Producer Josh Kline traveled to Turkey and directed a local crew to capture the performance. We produced a full length broadcast ready production for American PBS markets.

  • Cedars Funland: Event Highlight Video

    JKP has worked with Cedars Sinai for over ten years producing dozens of videos that highlight events, celebrate retirees and leadership, explain key concepts and ideas to employees and patients. This is a wellness initiative event.

  • eHarmony Web Series & Live Stream

    eHarmony & Producer Rick Bloom hired Josh to direct and produce a web series that culminated in a Live Stream event at eHarmony headquarters. We followed a real single woman and her experiences with dating on eHarmony's service.

  • NOLA Rise

    NOLA Rise is a documentary short subject film produced, directed and written by Josh. Filmed over the course of a week in New Orleans about 5 years after Katrina devastated the community, NOLA Rise seeks out the silver lining and the rapid growth in New Orleans, a truly dynamic and great American city. See more at

  • California Economic Forecast: Promo

    California Economic Forecast contracted JKP to make a series of promotional videos for their bi annual conference. JKP used multiple cameras, time lapse and stabilized video all with one professional to delivery production value at a low cost.

  • WITI Conference: Live Stream of Gwynne Shotwell Space X

    For several years JKP in conjunction with producer Rick Bloom has provided full video coverage of the Women in Technology Summit in Silicon Valley. With a lean crew of 2 we provide multi camera coverage of the speakers and events and live stream on Youtube and in 2017 on Facebook. JKP can provide full video streaming services with hosting and crew for as little as $1200.

  • PSA: Television spot for API Children, Youth and Family Council

    The Asian and Pacific Islander Children, Youth and Family Council needed to produce a 30 second PSA to encourage the reporting of child abuse. We translated this PSA into 6 languages for broadcast in the San Gabriel Valley.

  • IPA: Small Business Promo

    IPA is a fresh concept in auctioning. A live auction of household items for as little as $5 each. JKP created a series of promotional videos and instructional videos to be shown at the auction.

  • Neutrogena

    Neutrogena: Employee No Defect Celebration event.

  • Nestle Waters Open House

    Video produced for Nestle Waters open house of their new bottling plant.

  • San Mar: Booth Installation Promo

    Blue Sky Exhibits wanted to showcase one of their custom trade show booth design and installation. JKP provided a fusion approach, Josh shot multiple time lapse loops combined with fusion (video + stills) coverage of the installation and some captured testimonials. This provided versatile and multi use media content for Blue Sky to use in marketing.

  • LA Experience Promo

    Karine realized that there was a great need for guided shopping excursions to LA for Australians where taxes and market forces make high end retail exorbitantly expensive. So she created a boutique destination management company that has grown into an international brand. This highlight done fusion style on a tiny budget helped her grow the brand to what it is today.

  • Carpeteria: Web Promo Video

    Small businesses need video to stand out online and increase search engine optimization. Carpeteria came to JKP to create a web video and 30 second cable television spot hosted by co-owner Barry White.

  • Niketown: LA Marathon

    Niketown Beverly Hills wanted to support all the athletes running the LA Marathon past's its' doors. JKP was tasked with creating a fusion video highlight (stills + video) one of many successful fusion video projects for Nike.

  • FECU: $1 Billion Dollar Gala

    The Federal Entertainment Credit Union needed to celebrate, they'd just hit 1 billion in assets and were ready to party like it was 1928. In addition to lots of very cool audio visual support including live feeds of the entertainment and speeches on screens all over the venue JKP created a highlight video to remember the roaring 20's blowout for all time!